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Chinese thermos flask wholesale


The Chinese thermos flasks are purchased directly from the factory in China. Before we import them, they are extensively tested by a certified laboratory so that safety is guaranteed. The 1.2 liter version has two handles; one on the top to carry the thermos and one on the side to pour. The top of the thermos is equipped with a “pouring spout” so that you won’t spill any tea or coffee. The cork ensures that the content stays warm for at least 24 hours. It is recommended not to pour boiling water directly into the bottle, but to first “pre-heat” it under a lukewarm tap.


The Japanese chopsticks were used for eating for more then two thousand years ago and that they are the traditional eating tool in many Asian countries.
The chopsticks are held in one hand and the food is grabbed with a scuffing movement. It’s required that the food is pre-cut into bite-sized pieces.
You should not pass the food on to your table companions with your own chopsticks. Pass the plate on so that your table companion can pick up the food with his or her own chopsticks.
Laying chopsticks crossed (on top of each other) on the table is not advisable, this is a symbol of death in Japan. Also, chopsticks should never be placed upright in a bowl of rice, this symbolizes a funeral.
Chopsticks wholesale